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Emily Papadakis

The team was very quick to respond, gave in detail all of my options for filing my taxes and finding health insurance!

Nicolas Contavelli

I would recommend your firm to everyone who is looking into getting the Greek required documents. Your services were extremely professional, with fast responses to all my questions, and I got my TIN in less than 24 hours.

Jakob Stock

The support from the team was very good and fast, so I had no problems with it.

Elias Frantziskonis

Clear, fast, and reliable communication. Each step along the way was well-explained and clear.

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AFM Greece (TIN) in 3 days
Open a Greek Bank Account in 5 days
Update AFM address
Open a Business in Greece
Obtain a Residency Permit in Greece
Find Your Dream Home in Greece
Translate Your Document
Tax Consultation Greece
Obtain a Visa D for Greece
AFM Greece (TIN) in 3 days

Obtain a Greek Tax ID number remotely with an official tax representative within 2-3 business days upon receiving the requested paperwork.

Open a Greek Bank Account in 5 days

Open your bank account with our assistance within 5 business days! Let us schedule your appointment and handle the paperwork.

Update AFM address

Update the address on your AFM and become a tax resident in Greece.

Open a Business in Greece

Open a business in Greece. We assist freelancers as well as corporate entities and Limited Liability Companies.

Obtain a Residency Permit in Greece

Streamline your application and securely submit your documents with us. We handle the process from start to finish for both EU & Non-EU citizens.

Find Your Dream Home in Greece

Our lawyers review contracts, perform legal checks and due diligence when it comes to buying property. We find homes to rent or buy.

Translate Your Document

Let us translate official documents. From birth certificates to marriage certificates or registrations, we translate them into Greek.

Tax Consultation Greece

Schedule a tax consultation with us and get answers to your tax related questions in Greece.

Get Your Greek Tax Number (AFM) Within 3 Days

Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on your big move. This service can be delivered if you're outside of Greece.

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Open a Bank Account in Greece Within 5 days

We help set up a Greek bank account of your choosing with a representative that handles all of the bureaucratic hurdles.

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network of qualified experts

Our network comprises a range of highly qualified,
English-speaking professionals dedicated to serving expats.

Aggelos Athanasiou
Certified Accountant Specializing in SMEs and Entrepreneurs
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Christina Salcedo
Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Loan Originator
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Jonathan Ralph
Senior Wealth Manager & Residency Specialist
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Endorsed Coaches

Our coaches ensure that your well-being, mental health and relationships thrive during your relocation.

Ana Kosta
Certified Relationship & Dating Coach
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Elpida Trizi
Certified Business & Life Coach, CPCC, ACC
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Simple Solution, Simple Pricing

We streamline the relocation process from A to Z.

The Traditional Way
Doing paperwork yourself
5 days of response time, or 0 responses
Unreliable online forums
Language barriers
Outdated information
Multiple calls or multiple visits
Lack of fee transparency
My Greek Expat Journey
Our Way of Relocating to Greece
Same day responses
Trustworthy experts
Fluent English speakers
Up-to-date information about immigration laws and legislation
0 visits
No hidden fees
Certified services
Tailored assistance & problem solving
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Am I Eligible for the 50% Tax Break in Greece?

Depending on eligibility, the special tax regime in Greece means that foreign individuals would benefit from a 50% tax break on their annual income.

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