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Real problems, and tailored solutions. Explore our model of relocating with peace of mind.

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Real problems, and tailored solutions. Explore our model of relocating with peace of mind.
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Fouad Tarazi

The requirements were clear and the steps well explained. No additional "mumbo jumbo" talks to confuse the client. The team was very responsive, and the overall process was so quick exactly as promised. The overall experience was pleasant.

Ana Kosta

After struggling for two years on my own to find all the right contacts to make my life here in Greece easier I was pleasantly surprised to see that My Greek Expat Journey already had some of the experts it took me so long to find already within their network.

Elias Frantziskonis

Clear, fast, and reliable communication. Each step along the way was well-explained and clear.

George Frantziskonis

Great . . . fully satisfied!

Douglas Ferris

Communication was very good.

Jovana Korda

The team is trustworthy and they respond very fast!

Anna Katharina Fernholz

The team gave reliable, quick answers.

Emily Papadakis

The team was very quick to respond, gave in detail all of my options for filing my taxes and finding health insurance!

Jakob Stock

The support from the team was very good and fast, so I had no problems with it.

Lukas Roob

Have nothing to complain about!

Kaj Rakers

I was searching for the right accountant and My Greek Expert Journey connected me with Aggelos. He helped me with each and every step of the process.

Nicolas Contavelis

I would recommend your firm to everyone who is looking into getting the Greek required documents. Your services were extremely professional, with fast responses to all my questions, and I got my TIN in less than 24 hours.