Feb 5, 2024

Applying for a Digital Nomad Visa in 2024

Embarking on a new adventure almost always requires paperwork. In the case of relocating to Greece as an expat, you must choose between different visa options, and select the one that is best suited to your needs. Besides the FIP or Financially Independent Person's visa or the Golden visa program, there is one visa option that is available, called the Digital Nomad visa.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A Digital Nomad visa is a permit that allows someone to work legally remotely while being away from their country of permanent residence.

In Greece, this visa gives anyone the right to live and work within the country of Greece remotely from their home. Holders of this visa have the right to legally reside in Greece, but do not have legal access to Greek employment or any business activity in Greece.

Who qualifies for a Digital Nomad visa?  

Non-EU nationals or self-employed individuals who work remotely as part of a company or who have private clients outside of Greece, and who also heavily rely on their computers to carry out their work. In order to be eligible, they must prove that they are earning income from outside of Greece.

Family members are also eligible for an individual visa that is valid for the same period as the digital nomad visa, without the right of employment or business activity in Greece.

New legislation for Digital Nomad Visa Applicants

From the 31st of March, Digital Nomad visa applicants may enter Greece and apply for a respective Digital Nomad residency only after obtaining the relevant Digital Nomad Visa from the consulate of their place of residence. The applicants will no longer be eligible to apply directly from Greece after entering the country with a visa C or with a passport. These new changes originated from the new Greek Immigration Law 5038/2023 in article 68 of the new immigration law. 

Requirements of the Digital Nomad visa:

If you’re a digital nomad and your earnings come from abroad, you can apply for a residence permit for up to two years for the total cost of €1016, and provide the following documentation:
  • Copy of valid passport or travel document recognized
  • 4 recent passport photos in physical or digital format
  • National entry “D” visa
  • Proof of private health insurance
  • A sworn declaration, stating your intention to reside in Greece and work remotely for a non-Greek employer
  • An employment contract or contracts showing employment is outside of Greece
  • Proof of income to cover the cost of living (€3.500 a month, add 20% for the spouse or partner, and an additional 15% for each child).
  • Tenancy agreement or purchase contract in Greece

How long is a Digital Nomad visa valid until?

This type of visa must be filed before the expiration of the entry visa of 90 days. This visa valid for up to 12 months, however if they would like a Digital Nomad Residence permit which is valid for up to two years, they can extend the Digital Nomad visa.

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