Feb 15, 2024

Freelancing in Greece: How to Register as a Freelancer

According to Travel.gr, Greece is becoming one of the top destinations for freelancers and digital nomads due to its breathtaking landscapes and stunning work views.

In this article, we'll share the steps to register as a freelancer in Greece and start your professional career. We'll break down the essential details, providing practical insights into registering and working as a freelancer in Greece.

Registering as a Freelancer in Greece

1. Tax Registration

To kickstart your freelancing journey, you must secure a Greek Tax Identification Number or AFM (pronounced afimi). You can obtain it either at the local tax office (DOY), a KEP center or conveniently through the online platform of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE). The AFM is your key to all financial transactions in Greece, as well as useful administrative tasks such as setting up a bank account or securing rental agreements.

If you are currently experiencing issues or need help obtaining an AFM number, this service is available on our website and our legal team will deliver you an AFM within 7 days from abroad.

2. Social Security Registration

To ensure that you're covered by the Greek social security system, you must get a Social Security Number which is called an AMKA. You can apply for one at the local Social Security Institute (IKA) or EKFA. This step guarantees access to free healthcare services and other social benefits, such as pensions and unemployment. See this article for more information about social security benefits in Greece.

To obtain an AMKA number, this service is available on our Services page.

3. Legal Structure

As a freelancer, you must decide on your legal structure – whether you wish to set yourself up as a sole proprietor or through establishing a legal entity. Consulting with a legal professional will help you make an informed choice based on your unique circumstances.

If you are looking to speak to a qualified lawyer or accountant, you can book a consultation call through our main page for more information.

4. Opening a Bank Account

Streamline your financial transactions by opening a business bank account in Greece. Most banks offer tailored solutions for freelancers, ensuring efficient management of your professional finances. If you are pressed for time, we can assist you in opening a bank account of your choosing on your behalf within 5 business days after an appointment is scheduled at the bank. Please note that you must be in Athens for this procedure. See more info here.

Navigating the Freelance Landscape

1. Networking in Greece

Boost your professional connections by attending local events, joining relevant groups, and leveraging online platforms. Building a network can open doors to exciting opportunities and create a supportive community. There are a variety of Facebook groups catering to freelancers and Digital Nomads. Teo Baklini, a fellow digital nomad, heads up an Athens Digital Nomads Meetup Facebook group, helping you to network and familiarize yourself with Greek business customs. They host Board Game night each week, as well as fun networking events for digital nomads.

Valuing personal connections is key, and it takes time to build relationships and adapt to the local professional culture.

2. Managing Finances

Keep detailed records of income, expenses, and taxes. Hiring an accountant can be a smart move to navigate Greek tax laws and ensure financial compliance.

3. Learning Greek

While English is commonly spoken, learning basic Greek phrases can help you communicate in different situations and understand when the language is being used.

4. Finding Work Spaces

The availability of co-working spaces and the prevalence of reliable high-speed internet make Greece an ideal destination for those embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. See our article on Laptop-Friendly Cafes in Athens.


Freelancing in Greece offers a practical blend of professional opportunities and a high-quality lifestyle, attracting professionals and digital nomads alike. By following the straightforward registration process, building a professional network, and adapting to the local culture, individuals abroad can thrive. Whether you choose the vibrant city life or the tranquility of the islands, Greece welcomes freelancers with open arms.

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