Social Security in Greece: What is an AMKA number?

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July 6, 2024

AMKA is a Greek social security number of 11 digits. The first six numbers correspond to your date of birth. This insurance ID is needed for all transactions regarding employment, insurance, pensions, and benefits in Greece. It is also used to issue or renew a health booklet, which you will have to present at every medical consultation in Greece, allowing doctors and patients to see your health history. So if you plan on staying here as an expat, you will need an AMKA number to pay your insurance contributions.

Do I need an AMKA?

Yes, an AMKA is needed for booking appointments at your local hospital or GP in Greece. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the AMKA number was needed to schedule a vaccination. It is also important to get an AMKA number if you’re planning on registering in Greece as a freelancer, so you can pay your insurance contributions to EFKA, which you can read more about here.

Additionally, your employer will need AMKA to cover your work insurance, and if you plan on receiving a pension, applying for AMKA will be necessary.

Meeting eligibility requirements

In order to qualify for an AMKA, you must already have an AFM (Greek Tax Identification Number), and have a proof of address in Greece, such as a lease agreement, a hospitality declaration (where you have a host) or an E9 document, in case you own a property.

If you are a non-EU citizen or third-country national, the AMKA can only be obtain after the issuance of a temporary residency permit. On the other hand, EU citizens won't have to demonstrate this document to the authorities, nor need to show any type of permit.

How to apply for an AMKA

It is currently free to apply for an AMKA and can be done at any KEP (Citizens Service Center), KEM (Center for Integration of Migrants), or EFKA/IKA (national health insurance body) office.

You will need to show these documents:

  • Identity card or passport (for European citizens)
  • Birth certificate (for minors below 12 years of age who are not Greek, but born in Greece) Note that this must be translated to Greek.
  • Residence permit (non-European nationals)
  • AFM, or Greek Tax Identification Number. More information on this in our blog post, How Do I Get a TIN (AFM) in Greece?
  • Address in Greece

When you visit a KEP to apply for an AMKA, you won’t need to make an appointment. Please note: most KEP offices are open from 8am to 2pm. Once the application is accepted, a letter will be sent to your address.

You can find your nearest KEP Citizen Service Center here. For more information about AMKA, you can visit the official AMKA Greek website here.

Having trouble applying for an AMKA or having issues at the KEP? Contact our team to submit an AMKA application on your behalf.